This was the hardest test video I've ever made. It may not look like it, but believe me, it was. From obtaining the Technicolor Picture Profile-- which I had to obtain from sir Phil Hoyt, because Technicolor's site was acting funny, to the application of the LUT using Magic Bullet's BuddyLUT plugin. This video just did not want to get produced.

I edited the test clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I've never had the best of luck with Premiere Pro, dating all the way back to CS3. It was always a little off, but I love having native support for my .H264 files. Everytime I would apply text files to the above video track, the LUT effect would disappear from the lower track! How odd. Even more bizarre was the fact that the effect wasn't happening across all clips in the timeline. What I ended up doing was axing the titles from most of the video, along with some of the transitions.

So here's the key
1st shot in three shot series is always Technicolor Picture Profile straight out of camera.

2nd shot is with the Technicolor LUT applied.

3rd shot is with my personal MBL grade ontop of the raw Picture Profile style.

1st Shot: Technicolor Picture Profile
2nd Shot: Technicolor LUT
3rd Shot: Magic Bullet Looks.

More info can be found on my site!


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