A Short Documentary By Bari Pearlman

In the developing world, water-gathering is primarily a woman's job, and rural Tibet is no exception. Three to four times a day, she carries a heavy bucket to a potable source of water - sometimes as far as a mile away - and brings it back home 80-pounds full. Though necessary for her own survival and her family's, this task is not only physically debilitating, but the hours she spends doing it every day keep her from having time for an education, a wage-earning job, or even much-needed rest from her other exhausting responsibilities.

WATER offers us a rare opportunity to witness this ritual as a Tibetan woman patiently and painstakingly collects water on her family's yak farm. Shot on location in remote Nangchen, Tibet.

More info at btgproductions.com/water

World Premiere: Silverdocs Film Festival 2011
Produced, Directed and Edited by Bari Pearlman
Cinematography by Gena Konstantinakos

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