You ROCK, Sarah Rarick. I feel very, very lucky to have the chance to love you.

there's rain outside my window
for the seventh time this week
a place in my chest for you
where my heart is springing leaks
and i wanna tell you baby
that's it's funny but it's true
that i can't wait to watch this rain fall
with you

i watch a couple planting seeds
for the meals they want to make
the smell of sky and dirt reminding me
of the time that living takes
and it makes me want breathe in
and put on my shoes
and go out and move the earth around
with you

and i'm calling to my own god
for the sense that i can't make
dreaming of the time when
we'll have all the time it takes
and even though i know the future
is a thing we can't review
i have this feeling that I
want to grow old
with you

and i want to be right where i am
with the newly 31 year old

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