"InharmoniCity" [Synesthesia Recordings/Zerofeedback]
Performed and produced by Matteo Milani, Federico Placidi, Giovanni Antignano.
ZFB-0108 © 2009 Zerofeedback/Synesthesia Recordings. All rights reserved.

1) Girl Running (08.48)
2) Invisible Words (12.20)
3) ... from the Past...out of the Future... (40.36)

Artist: U.S.O. Project - Unidentified Sound Object, Selfish
Title: InharmoniCity
Cat.No: ZFB-0108
File under: Experimental/Electronic
Format: Limited Edition Dvd-Video
DVD Release date: 1.2009


U.S.O. Project - Unidentified Sound Object

Milan/Rome based Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi are sound artists whose work spans from digital music to electro acoustic improvisation. Unidentified Sound Object is born from the desire to discover new paths and non-linear narrative strategies in both aural and visual domains. U.S.O. is a continuing evolving organism.

Matteo Milani is a sound designer living in Milan. He started his career at the end of the 80’s in radio stations, cutting inches of music on analogue tape. In the mid 90’s he pioneered the rising of digital audio workstations. Now, he's reflecting most of his creativity composing computer music and performing live electronics. He's currently blending "synthetic" and "organic" sound materials, sharing the Pierre Schaeffer "audio vision" of Musique Concrète. Federico Placidi is a composer and sound designer living in Rome, Italy. Since the year 1993, he's been working with several composers and performers as sound designer and live-electronics technician, thus developing his personal sound library and tools. He also worked as a sound editor / designer for numerous full-feature movies. His music ranges from “concrete” acoustic to experimental.


Selfish is a project of Giovanni Antignano focused on video live performances. His research
ranges from video art to visuals and live performance.
His live sets are centralized on an obsessive elaboration of the video loop, where the action is
continuously replied and stratified until it reaches its fulfilment.
From the end of the nineties until today he has been a member of minor and important collectives
such as BlindVision, and the conceptual group Timet which he collaborated with for
various sound installations (Sonik Park - 4x4 for Papesse Siena Center Contemporary Art, Sonic
Garden for Fabbrica Europa, Sonic Garden a night vision for Musicus Concentus).
He took part to several national and international meetings and festivals (VideoMinuto, Station
to Station, Polietilene 2.0, Fabbrica Europa, MAF05 Bangkok, Israeli Digital Lab, Weast Coast Nu
Music Electronic Art, Biennal of Electronic Art Perth, MUV, Elettrowave, Festival della Creatività...).
He’s the founder, in 2006, of Zerofeedback videolabel.
During the past years Selfish collaborated/performed with U.S.O. - Unidentified Sound Object ,
Marco Parente, Marco Messina (99 Posse), Milanese, Dj Shantel, Lorenzo Brusci, Timet, Dino
Bramanti, Bonarosa, David Cossin, Ether, Fenin, Xiangxing among the others.


Contact Labels:
write [at] synesthesiarecordings [dot] com
hello [at] zerofeedback [dot] com

Contact Matteo Milani, Federico Placidi: info [at] usoproject [dot] com
Contact Selfish: info [at] selfish [dot] it


The modern lo-fi soundscape possesses no perspective; rather, sounds massage the listener with continual presence. On a downtown street corner of the modern city there is no distance; there is only presence. As the population of sounds in the world increases, soloistic gestures are replaced by aggregate textures. Today we have ignored our ears. Sources: [The Soundscape - by R. Murray Schafer] [Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture - by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter]


There are places where consciousness and matter coexist.
Perhaps they share the same origin.
We learn that collective consciousness is shared among human beings, dynamically redistributing itself via unknown processes.
It permeates objects themselves and contributes to reality in its entirety.
We can perceive only a small part due to our biological nature and our tools for scientific research.
Our unconscious through reminiscence collects and dynamically rearranges fragments, and they interact in the explicit order.
The uniqueness of all things appears under different forms of experience.
We are searching for the wholeness, but we can only guess, sometimes in our dreams, in the arts, and in our philosophical speculation.
We ask ourselves about the deepness of matter and spirit with often inadequate or sometimes inconclusive tools and believe in the specificity and singularity of phenomena.
Each event persists in a place, in the past, in the future, because it is a permanent image itself, flowing the wholeness, like the story and the experience.
There's no distinction, no limits, no difference, every possible infinity resonates in the wholeness.


Synesthesia Recordings

This label is to be intended as a repository of live improvised electroacoustic works. The main goal is to retrieve the late Renaissance praxis of "Ricercare" intended as exploration of a technical device playing it, subverting it in different ways. So this kind of "Musica Ricercata" should be affected by individual approaches to improvisation with sounds material of any kind, samples, electronic devices, pure sine generators, transducers. The local and momentary gesture generates a relational sequenced processes that defines the sonic path from start to the end. This recordings have to be intended as a "document" or Simulacra of a solo or collective performance but not as the performance itself ( which is affected by causality relationships and other environmental and statistical phenomena).


Zerofeedback is a video label that will distribute and produce experimental video compilation
and non-narrative film with the intention of creating a small window on the experimental video
and visual art world.
The main intent is to promote and compile the work of young and talented video artists.

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