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Teyo spoke to the engineers at Orbitz as part of the IDEAS program covering Puppet fundamentals.

Puppet was built from the ground up with the idea that a consistent model is possible all for systems integration and management tasks. Puppet's model allows large organizations to compose complex architectures by leveraging composite components that are responsible for discrete aspects of configuration. With Puppet, configuration management can be extend beyond basic systems administration tasks and into compliance, security, and complex application deployment. Puppet provides a single unified model across operational areas within enterprise IT organizations.

We will cover how the Puppet architecture implements a model driven management platform, how Puppet can be extended and integrated with other systems management components, and a review of common use cases. We will follow up the lecture with a demonstration of the concepts covered in the presentation.


Teyo Tyree former Director of IT for 20/20 Research and professional systems administrator, over the past 12 years. Teyo has been using and promoting the use of open source tools to enable scaling and efficiency in IT operations. Teyo joined Puppet Labs in July of 2008 and has been traveling the world providing Puppet Labs’ customers with training and consulting.

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