Age of Mythology the Titans:
Bruennhilde the Valkyrie Age of Mythology based machinima

Yes intro title takes a bit long but this is an unfinished thing...
This old (some years ago between 2006-2008 or something) test render is from some unfinished Age of Mythology the Titans based machinima movie I was messing around with some years ago. The video shows the first 3 scene. The idea was to base the movie on those Bruennhilde the Valkyrie screenie series.( see my gallery).
As you can see it was not made for the aom tt game...but made like i did it with the Brass Monkey movie ( basicly far better then the corruptor since i would not use any game restrictions but basicly would only use the game to build some scenes and use some characters as actors and so on)..anyway it never got finished...but i found the files again...and uploaded them to youtube yes yet some more random internet junk


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