Fact: It’s not possible for all the world’s most clever people to be employed at one single company. In order to be an innovative organization, you shouldn´t have to depend solely on a reduced inside think tank. Nowadays, every company has the opportunity to gain new ideas from any person in any part of the world; it´s just a matter of building a culture that is ready to act upon those ideas. So, how is it possible to foster innovation within your company culture knowing you don´t have all the talent within? We will present the challenges we face to innovate and how we should make sure the company can nurture a culture to remain competitive by tapping in both internal and external people.

Guibert is one of Globant´s co-founders, a Company created in 2003 that is nowadays a leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to Global audiences. Since his early youth he drove innovation to any project that he faced: from University, where his thesis was about fingerprint recognition, to his first job as an IBM's scientific researcher. At Globant, this spirit was one of the main reasons for the company´s success and growth. As Globant CTO, he is the head of the Technology department and of the Premier League, an elite group of IT gurus whose main role is to think out of the box for their customers.

When he is not sailing, Guibert spends his time thinking about the next disruptive project that will shake the IT industry. His strong focus in technology and innovation let Globant become an expert in cutting edge practices, such as Social Networks, Videogames and Mobile, while building a an open culture based on creativity, especially when he launched the Globant Labs.

Together with the other three Globant founders, Guibert was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur 2005. He has developed his professional career in Argentina, US, UK and Venezuela. Guibert was also head of Technology for CallNow.com Inc., and conceived and developed several US patented technologies for the telecom sector. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from UNICEN University.

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