With continued funding reductions, are your current public health applications becoming too costly to sustain? Are they able to meet the rapidly changing needs for public health and private health interoperability without additional expenditures? With TriSano, the next generation public health application, you can start retiring multiple fragmented systems and replace them with an integrated interoperable enterprise application at no or low cost.

TriSano is a highly configurable and comprehensive public health data application.It allows local, state, federal and international agencies to identify, investigate and mitigate communicable and chronic diseases, environmental hazards, and bioterrorism events. TriSano supports the free flow of secure data with laboratories, clinicians, hospitals, vital records, immunization registries and health information exchanges. Given the flexibility in TriSano’s configuration and pricing (zero to low cost), you can start in one jurisdiction or program or implement across multiple jurisdictions or programs.


- Challenges facing Public Health
- How Organizations are benefiting from TriSano today
- Improved Data Collection with TriSano's Flexible Questionnaire Tools
- TriSano Demonstration
- How to get started with TriSano today
- Q&A

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