Performance, RED Gallery, 18 March 2011.
A video of performance by Paul Sakoilsky & Marco at the RED gallery, London. Duration: 5 min 27 sec. (Internet/Low Resolution version).
The performance/video, as the title spells out, is a homage to the great Fluxus artists, Robert Filiou. Again, as in the title, here, Sakoilsky transposes
the 'stone' in Filiou's original version, for the 'head' in this transposition. Filiiou made a whole series of works of which there were three of each piece; each stamped, 'Well Made', 'Badly Made', 'Not Made'. At Sakoilsky's 'Homage...' performance, the dvd, which had the artist, Marco (Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly) saying the instructions while masked, didn't work, and so, Sakoilsky decided to go ahead in the spirit of flux, with the 'badly made' version. He will shortly be making the 'Well Made' version, which will be filmed to replicate the camera angles/lighting of Filiou's original, as well as a 'Badly Made' version, which will consist of a blank recording of equal duration.

The video premiered as part of The Loop Fair, Barcelona - City Screen (Off Loop), at Espacio de Proyecto Sant Pere, curated by David Brock, May 2011.

Paul, currently artist and curator at RED Gallery, London. Born in Norfolk, upbringing UK & S. E. Asia.
Sakoilsky is an artist and writer (and sometime curator). Working in painting and collage, installation, performance and digital media, although in the last four years he has concentrated more and more of time and energy in painting and related work, it totally depends on the moment, the project, the situation, as regards how he puts a piece of work together, and what form, elements or media: text, paint, camera, people, collage, installation, curation projects, sound, etc. "I deal with the world around me, within me, outside me, ‘inspiration’ can come from anything, anywhere, everything...."

"Paul Sakoilsky has made performances and paintings as hybridised ‘autopsies’ of media images, in visceral terms, that act upon the daylight utopias of consumerism and media ideology. His ongoing project ‘The Dark Times’ is a newspaper in the potlatch spirit, described in the terms of Jean Baudrillard’s concept of hegemony, as an ultimate debasement of value."
Peter Lewis, 2011.

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