Welcome to Europe

Presented at LEAP 29th April 2011. TRACE

As a form of resistance to these works Abraham Hurtado in his work „Welcome to Europe“ asks in an age of consumer culture and over stimulation, what has become of our reality? Which actions, mental states, emotions and symptoms does it
produce? With the live installation Welcome to Europe, Abraham Hurtado creates an extended time frame to focus on these questions and experience their resonances. Welcome to Europe is a live installation focusing on the mental state of European people; a state that has been influenced by over stimulation.What did we lose as Europeans? is the main question. As the installation develops our attention is called to the emotional state that causes our reality as Europeans. The body and emotion have become consumer‘s products: statements and actions that are irreversible,disposable.

Concept by Abraham Hurtado
Live Music: Jan Ferreira
Executed by: Claudia Greco, Sofía Verástegui
Video DPO: Anders Bigum

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