Shot in about 90 minutes. All available light (with the help of some industrial halogens). Most if not all was shot in the high ISO range (3200-6400). I used a Sennheiser wireless mic which worked surprisingly well since I couldn't monitor it. It's a bit hot so I might turn it down (at the mic) next time.

Interviews were on a tripod, the rest was handheld. Everything was shot with the 24-105mm f/4 IS lens (this is the lens, I believe, that comes with the kit).

I thought it was a pretty good test of the camera (crappy light, etc) and I'm frankly sold on it. Post production was a bit of a bear but I think we'll all get the kinks worked out the more we use it.

More about it on my blog:

So long, XH-A1.

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