Listen to "Large-Scale Biomass Thermal: District Energy and CHP," a free webinar by the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), and hear from three distinguished panelists on their experiences implementing biomass-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) and district energy systems. This is the fifth webinar in a series funded in part by the USDA's Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC).

Rising energy costs, environmental concerns, and technological advances have opened the door for biomass to meet large-scale heating and power requirements nationwide. Yet, end users including businesses, municipalities, and industry may have questions on using this renewable resource efficiently and cost effectively. This free webinar will review biomass-fueled CHP and district energy technologies and impart lessons learned from flagship projects. Learn:

--How district energy and CHP systems use biomass as a fuel;
--What government initiatives are supporting these systems;
--How District Energy St. Paul became the face of biomass district energy;
--What can be done to right-size a biomass CHP system for a facility's needs;
--'Lessons learned' from system installation and operation;
--And engage the speakers in a Question & Answer session.

--John Cuttica - Director, Midwest CHP Regional Application Center, and Director, Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois at Chicago

--Michael Burns - Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Ever-Green Energy

--Jonathan Wilkinson - Senior Vice President, Business Development, Nexterra Systems Corp.

--Joseph Seymour, Moderator, Program Coordinator - Policy and Government Affairs, BTEC

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