A quick 5 minute compilation of the 7-day Trans-Provence ride. Make sure you check out the very last trail at the end of the clip...crazy 200m drop-off to the left. Lots of trails like that, so not really a ride for the faint of heart.

Hardest part of making the video was choosing what pictures and videos NOT to include, as the riding was absolutely SPECTACULAR (just grabbed the best ones I could find while waiting at the airport). Could easily have made 10 videos like this from this trip...but then again I have a job and a life. This may very well be the text-book definition of All Mountain riding!!!

25 special stages, many containing 30min+ technical descents. 350+ km, 10,000m+ downhill, 7,500m uphill, and literally all kinds of trails, terrain, and some REALLY cool people!!!

Killer event, and I'm sure the September race will be even more fun! Thanks Ash...you are the MAN!!!! Now back to "my precious" (aka Plons) and my Spritzkanonne.


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