Film created for the launch of FH World Sports - "Hero Campaign"

Original Score by Matthew Arcaini
Actors: Todd Collins, Juan Javier Saavedra Flores
Voice Over performed by Jeff Savage

Shot in 2 days with all-natural light. Gear used: Canon 7DPL with Red Pro 17-50, and Canon 7D with 24-70 2.8L. Glidecam 4000HD, Glidetrack. Edited in FCP7 and Adobe AE. Slow-mo edited in AE with twixtor, and FCPX optical flow. Graded with Magic Bullet Studio 11. Sound design and score created in Pro Tools.

The story behind it:

One of the greatest tragedies and problems in Sucre, Bolivia, is the orphaning of children. When I went and saw it first-hand, I was devastated. So many lonely, hungry, and happy children. Juan Javier (our actor from Bolivia) came from a very poor family, with a lot of problems. At the age of 11, he was found by FH and became a sponsor child. With the help of FH, he finished school and is now studying accounting in college. He is a gifted soccer player, and it was through playing soccer that he had the idea to start a soccer school for the children in his community. With the help of FH, Juan Javier now teaches at the school, which provides a place for young children to not only learn about soccer, but also life principles. With so many parentless children, and nowhere else to turn to, they often fall into drugs, alcohol, and gangs. This is why FH finds places like this to make a difference in, and it was absolutely amazing to see what a help they have been.

It was upon learning the story of these communities that the vision for this film was shaped. We hope it helps create awareness for what is going on in the world, and also that we can be part of the change.

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