Mauro Rego | Anne Casper | Carmen Johann | Conrad Ballschmiter | Kirsten Hupertz

Design education is a controversial topic. There is no agreement of how to educate designers. Moreover the skills and competences of a good designer are hard to define. How can a design school prepare designers for the challenge of entering a field which requires uncertain criteria?

The Köln International School of Design has reached it’s 20 year anniversary. The Kölner model is a special concept that was created based on the idea of a designer as a generalist: 12 areas of knowledge, which students must go through while integrating the academic knowledge with the observation of the surrounding environment. Independence and self-confidence are the primary desirable characteristics that are sought after for admission to the KISD. Nevertheless this independence has a price.

The "20 Jahre KISD - Ein Film" presents the reflections of the 15 professors of KISD about the history of the school, the Kölner Model, the students, the problems and future challenges. A project with the same name was run by Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff and Stefan Terlinden in winter semester of 2010.

The film is unofficial and brings alive the image of KISD through a collage of statements from the faculty. We don't expect that the film is the best "picture" of KISD, but we are pleased to be sharing the perception of 5 students about this rich, beautiful and controversial environment.

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