Hindu wedding at La Concha Hotel, San Juan Puerto Rico

Neelima & Harvey shared an unforgetable time together in the most exotic ambiance in the Caribbean to celebrate their wedding, while at the same time, honoring their ancient Hindu traditions.

This beautiful wedding ceremony took place in La Concha Resort, at San Juan, Puerto Rico. Still, no Hindu marriage is deemed complete unless in the presence of Agni, or The Sacred Fire, which is considered the witness to the holy vows they make to each other in an ancient ritual called The Saptapadi (Sanskrit for seven steps).

As one of the most important components of the Vedic Hindu weddings, the couple must complete more steps than other non-hindu newlyweds. In fact, they both conduct the “Seven Circles of the Holy Fire”, each of which represents the bride and groom’s great devotion and love for each other, and most of all, the incredible respect they have for their fascinating cultural traditios.

What’s fun and interesting about going to a Hindu wedding is the things you learn about their 5,000 year old cultural heritage. Neelima & Harvey invited everyone to be part of this unique experience, asking their female and male guests to wear traditional Indian wedding clothing. They also gave the attendees Indian wedding cards and took Indian wedding pictures of them (what a treat!) All wedding guests were the lucky witnesses of a romantic and millenary hindu ritual that represents the sacred union of two loving beings.

And the most important thing is, when the couple makes a specific vow during each circuit, they lay the foundation for their happy relationship and household in the presence of Agni, their friends and their loved ones.

An amazing fact, the team of people that made this magical wedding possible at La Concha Resort, are all from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Indian wedding pictures were taken by photographer Noel del Pilar, the exotic flower arrangements, made by Florist/Décor EOS, the wedding cinematography, produced by Raymond Vega from Ramond Video Production, and last but not least, the fabulous Hindu wedding, organized by Lead Planner, Lisa Rodríguez.

Cinematography By Raymond Vega
Raymond Video Production
a Wedding Cinematography experience

Venues: Hotel La Concha Puerto Rico

Photographer By Noel Del Pilar

organized by Lead Planner, Lisa Rodríguez.

Style : Raymond Signature Production

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