**installation SOLD** 100% of funds went to a noble charity

This video is actually Empty Chairs I (forwards) and Empty Chairs II (backwards). Each piece is roughly 4min34seconds long. It has been put into two digital frames, one of which has been given to a gallery as a donation for a fund raiser. Three images have been printed in a limited run of 10 - for skateboard decks also offered at the fund raiser.

Concept and Director of Photography: Morgan Freeman
Color Retouch/Effects: bluecrash.com
Music: Dirty Dan (dirtydanmusic.com / simplybangin.com)
Model: Emily Fitzgerald
Copy/Article: Lia Parisyan


She is Queen of a cubical wasteland.

Changing corporate landscape wastelands, where once a protestant ethic served as the driving force behind the American economy. The Golden era, the height of consumer confidence and capitalism bustling with activity, growth and innovation- all celebrated printed and packaged. Glossy letters and cellophane sealed of promises of a novelty experience.

Now, all is replaced with sterility. What seems like a transmission from the future is stands as an accurate look at the present. The lively pulse of the American work force struggles to beat. An assembly line moving forward is carrying a single package in an empty warehouse without a final destination.

A Futuristic vision of the present lends to an atmosphere of absence. The pursuit of economic success and betterment has been eradicated. American spirit and dream stripped. This lone woman is the byproduct of once celebrated values being removed and transferred from the purpose of a postmodern American sentimentality.

The dollar was a symbol of strength, reliability once the most powerful recognized symbol of an individual freedom and purchasing power. Now rendered useless the entire confidence, pride and hope shook the peoples faith in the US government. The middle class has been dealt a mortal blow. The future grows dim.

A way of life, an economy, a nation of people and a value system are facing inevitable extinction.

American fortitude, golden paved streets. Not the industrial future of Metropolis but the unnatural light of particleboard and empty cubicles interrupted by the pulsing fluorescent lights and forced Glitch symbolism indicating that the system is failing. Finality reverberates with the last employee as she strolls through the empty floor with a mournful face, which bears witness to everyone downsized before her.

production stills:

About the Artist:

Morgan Freeman (bluecrash.com) has been focusing on his Glitch period for 2011. Glitches symbolize the break down and overheating of any system.

Artist would like to thank Anton (Vade) for being a guiding light in the Digitalism art movement in NYC.

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