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Meet Wolverhampton's First Avenger!

Homemade Vigilante tells the comic tale of Darren Unsworth, a lonely office worker who dreams of becoming a superhero so he can clean up the city streets of Wolverhampton in the UK!

Homemade Vigilante was made on a shoestring budget and filmed on location in the West Midlands, UK in late 2008 - early 2009. It was our debut feature film (after directing 3 shorts)and we gained a great deal of experience from the project. Whilst there are many things with the film that we would do differently given a second chance, we are still very proud of what we achieved. We are also lucky enough to have been selected for several festivals and so far the film has won 3 awards. If you get time to view the film, please drop us some feedback (good or bad)/like us/share us.

We are about to start production on our next feature. Watch this space.

Starring -
Jack Lewis, Danny Sura, Dominic Burns, Grace Evans and Will J L Howells

Directed by The Turner Brothers

DOP Jon Lewis

Produced by Roy's Boys films

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