Gary Hall (UK) - Liquid, Living Books
Conference Day 1, May 20, Den Haag, 13.30 – 14.30

Thanks to open access and the likes of and Issuu, it’s possible to publish a book today in a matter of minutes. What’s interesting about electronic publishing, however, is not so much the way bringing about a book is becoming more­ like­ blogging­–­with­ certification­ provided by the times a text is downloaded, linked to, tagged or ‘liked’ as much as by traditional means of quality control – but that certain developments in electronic publishing contain the potential to conceive of­books­as­not­being­fixed­and­unified,­with­ clear material edges, but as liquid and living: open to being continually revised, refreshed and reimagined. Yet as examples such as the Bible and Shakespeare’s First Folio show, books have always been liquid and living – and, throughout modernity, have always been subject to forces striving to repress this fact. Electronic publishing has simply helped to make us aware of it.

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