Introduction by Joost Kircz (editorial board)
Conference Day 1, May 20, Den Haag, 15.45 – 17.30

futurists and cultural critics claim that too much time online numbs our mind and thins our attention. this panel looks at the latest research on how our reading technologies change the way we read, think, and teach. What effects will digital textbooks have for human cognition and pedagogy? What will happen to sustained reading in an environment amenable to browsing and instant gratification? or are cynical predictions about the dumbing-down of digital devices just another form of techno-determinism?
Also in particular countries where climate conditions are unfavorable for paper and no fully developed library system exists, mobile readers will become essential. When can short formats - blogs, wikis, listserves, cell-phone novels - promote radical opportunities for self-expression and education without reducing sustained argument, particularly in developing countries? in other words, how much ‘e’ vs ‘p’ do educators, libraries, and readers want or need?

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