musicvideo for zombieflesheater
hirntrust grind media / kritik am leben, GRINDPLATE 09, KRITIK 01

this is the future! the underground sewers of the mutant city. the machine controls everything, but something is wrong.
a crack of light appears. a peek into the inside of the universe or just the brain-spam of a depraved mind?
the superhero on the space-mofa takes a rollercoaster ride to find out and break free from eternal slavery.
his evil twin in the tower of power always close, trying to stop him.
but which one is the evil twin? they all look the same!

»videopolis barcelona 2011
»simultan festival for electronic arts and music, romania 2011
»honourable mention visual music award 2011
»The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2012
»Miaf Australia 2012
»Clipaward Mannheim 2012
»ISFF Detmold 2012
»Fest Anca (International Animation Festival, Slovakia 2012
»AFX: Vagabond 2012 (Amsterdam Film Experience)
»patch: audio_visual_lab Krakow, Poland 2012
»Trick Animation Film Festival, Verona, Italy 2012
»VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria, 2013
»CologneOFF -Cologne International Videoart Festival 2013 / Lithuania I
»Scratch! Animation Film Festival, Lecce, Italy 2013

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