This is a spec sample designed to show the Nokia E7 Series Phone, from several angles – in a self-running QTVR-type Animation.

This sample was an exercise in agility and branding adherence – I (John Sale) have past experience with Nokia, spanning 15 years. I was on the Nokia Account, while at RD&F Advertising for a 2006 Campaign, and prior to this, I worked as a Consultant to Nokia, directly, in 2001. And my first opportunity to work for Nokia was while working at Coopers & Lybrand in 1996, I was the Lead Designer and Publisher of the Nokia Ex-Patriot Tax Proposal – this Proposal was a success, and resulted in gaining that business for C&L.

As for this experiment, the phone was modeled in Lightwave and this clip was made, in its entirety, in under 48 hours. The model was blueprinted before modeling – and the file is actually 3D replication-ready. It can be replicated to be a display unit or Proof-of-Concept object from an .stl file export, for Fused Deposition Manufacture and fabrication. Another bit of detail, the keyboard was made with a highly-precise image map set.

If you, or your company, have a Tech-Based Product which you would like to showcase, contact us for a consultation. Replicant Enterprises Provides Several Video Services, as well as Proof-of-Concept, 3D Modeling, Animation, and Robust Presentation Materials... including tangible reproductions of virtual items.

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