Biochemistry; a compound which exists in the body as a euphoric neurotransmitter, it is naturally produced by the brain to create happiness, heightened energy, pleasure and pain. Origin; from dop(a) + amine (a related substance)
Release: When you are attracted to someone your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine.
WTS are back in bed with our friend at Insight – this time on our 4th adventure together - Dopamine. Insight's newest global campaign. WTS produced 2 films / Television Specials.

Creative Director / Director - Steve Gorrow
Producer - Jeremy Hancock
Editor - Mark Blondel
Sound Design Matt Brown
Production Company - Where There's Smoke

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