Role: Director/Editor/Sound Designer/Color Correction
Media: 2 Canon EOS 5D Cameras in 2D/3D Formats

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Description: Always reliant on their cash registers and the channel manager's that take their profits, store owners soon discover a new point of sale that could rescue them from this dependence. OWN is a web-based cash register system that makes it easy for restaurateurs to customize the interface that their employees see when they’re entering customers’ orders or ringing up the bill.



Tye Claybrook, Jr.
Jacqueline Forton
Jeff Kaplan
Diane Scarlett Leach
Donna Lefave Smith
David Waldman
Revon Yousif

Directed by:
Kevin Birou

Produced by:
Edmund Zagorin, Giant Eel Productions, LLC

Art Direction by:
Joshua Bayer

Edited by:
Joshua Bayer and Kevin Birou

Visual Effects by:
Elizabeth Ritenour

Cinematography by:
Jacob Mendel

Lighting Design by:
Jessica Renee Lee

Key Grip:
Walter Lin

Casting Direction by:
Jacqueline Wilton

Color Correction by:
Kevin Birou

Sound Design by:
Kevin Birou

Original Music by:
Macklin Underdown

Voiceover by:
Christopher Grimm

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