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An almost one-minute-project which came to mind after I had recorded about 20min footage of clouds on a windy day.

A "storm" that cuts you like razors until you realize it's nothing but your own creation.

Words in order of appearance:
Routine. Directions lost. Wake up. Fight. Fail. Repeat. Colorless. This storm cuts like razors. Hot red blood. Υour blood in your own storm. Life. And with struggle came progress. Expressions. Light. Oxygen. Life. You are progress.

Directed, Filmed, Cut & Colored by Nondas Sapidis
Camera: Panasonic AGHMC151

This is a personal project. I am not affiliated with the music production in any way. Just a huge fan of Kattoo and his masterpiece album "Mergrim".

Music Artist: Kattoo
Album: Mergrim
Track: Untitled 16

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