Tried out some experiments with the Pressurepoints + Brains combo tonight. Used a Doepfer Sequential switch to make a 24 step sequence. which is running into the A156 quantizer then into the uLFO's CV in.

Accent Trig out of the 808 to the RCD. division out into SCM.
Division out of RCD to Clock of the Brains, /8 out to the sequential switch. and a division out to the direction of the brians to spice it up a bit.

2 voices happening in the 12U.. the lead is a uLFO running pulse out w/ PWM via vulcan, to STG .VCA. from the vca it ran out to the Z2040 filter then to my mixer.

Bass Voice is Piston Honda w/ random wave rom (not sure which), to .vca then to SEM20 filter. Both Voices are being controlled via Maths. Maths is also feeding to the filters for CV on Cutoff. Lead Voice is going into the Doepfer Reverb

FX send on my mixer is the Bugbrand PT delay.

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