This film is a collection of clips captured during the spring this year; it was shot in Atlanta area and surrounding parks, including some close ups I took in my own backyard. Also, note the swan scene(s) at the end were taken with the EX1 at 60p lat sunset on evening in northern California at a park near our home earlier this year; and the moth shot by a fellow-film-maker who kindly had suggested at one point I use it in one of my films.

Most of the footage was shot with the 5dmk2 in 24p and 30p; edited in 24fps timeline and subsequently rendered at 24p. Canon lenses include the 16-35mm EF, 180mm macro EF, the 24-70mm EF, and my favorite one, the new 14mm EF MKII.

The majority of the clips were color-corrected in post as they were shot with a super-flat profile kindly provided by Eugenia Loli-queru; I intentionally included a few clips at the beginning taken (the first 10 or so) with the standard profile provided with the camera to help us better appreciate the difference. I am personally sold on the idea of shooting flat in most cases, provided one has adequate time for post-processing—this can be a long and tedious activity.

This film is a celebration of Spring, and to show the world our Azaleas; they are in bloom this time of the year here in the south-east of the United States—this is a native plant of the Carolina's and Georgia—that by itself makes this video worth watching; but of course, you the viewer have the final word. Hope you all enjoy it and please don’t forget to leave me your comments; good or bad, I'll take it all with a great deal of interest.

Thank you all for watching.

NOTE: Some people reported problems when trying to write a comment; I have reported the issue to Vimeo so please try again later. Thank you!

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