A experimental bracket for my GoPro to mount unto the SteadiCam Smoothee for the iPhone.

It turns out that the iPhone in the official bracket with the extra weight is about 228 grams, the GoPro with the display backpack on the printed bracket is roughly 226 grams, so this is like perfect balance. Not sure why Tiffen have not yet released a bracket for the GoPro, however if you don't want to make one yourself and like to play with it, one can be had from ShapeWays.com

You can make this piece in about 15 minutes with a piece of wood and a hack-saw, cut a triangle piece that fit in the Smoothee, firmly then cut 2 3mm wide slits at the top for the GoPro fingers, done - ahh. I forgot the drill, drill a hole side to side, now you are done. use pine or another light wood the weight of the GoPro takes care of the balance.

*Im not quite sure how the ShapeWays print tolerances will play with the flange to capture the nut, if it is too tight, either heat the hut for a second and press it into the flange. ;-)

* Seriously - This is a home-brew design, inspired by seeing video of Tiffen staff play with a GoPro at NAB 2011 - not in any ways affiliated with or endorsed Tiffen or GoPro in any ways, it just happen to fit the GoPro housing and the Smoothee attachment.


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