Here is a side by side comparison of the Tasmanian Roller Derby video's colour grade, my second attempt at timing.

The original video is here:

All the heavy lifting was done with Red Giants Magic Bullet Colorista II & Looks.

The basics of what I did are:

1. Stretched the contrast in each shot to get full use of the gamma. This has a happy side effect of increasing perceived saturation in the chroma.

2. Fixed colour casts from a not quite right white balance on the camera.

3. Used Looks to put in some Exposure Gradients and a few Shift-Tilt Effects.

4. Some shots had really dominant backgrounds that I wanted to tone down, so secondary and third passes where added with power masks and keys. I also used this to make some people and object pop a bit more into the foreground.

5. I also used Magic Bullet Misfire Vignette on quite a few shots.

Lastly, trying to get all the shots to match each other was done. I don't think I was that successful in this but practice makes perfect.

So, there is a bit of an explanation of what I did. If you have comments or suggestions. I am always wanting to learn.

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