A powerful, sage, insightful interview. Hear it from the legend himself: Mike Roselle, founder of Climate Ground Zero, talks about his experience in the radical environmental movement and the urgent need for grassroots activism on climate change.

From his book jacket, "Tree Spiker: From Earth First to Lowbagging: My Struggles in Radical Environmental Action," with Josh Mahan, "Mike Roselle has made his career struggling to walk the line between radical action and legitimate populist politics in an attempt to save the planet, one adventure at a time."

It continues, "Lauded by some, despised by others, Roselle is one of the most controversial figures in the crusade to protect the environment. He has succeeded in stopping a lumber project by spiking trees, struggled with death threats..endured countless days in jail..and aided actor Woody Harrelson in draping a banner on the Golden Gate Bridge...Brash, action-taking, and living from place to place, Roselle has a life story that is also the story of the safety and preservation of the Earth."

Climate Ground Zero's Website:


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