JOHN - The Twin (Queen's Birthday)

It is the queen's birthday and it is certainly a superb excuse to let them eat cake and let all hang loose. But least we forget the real reason you are here, the guise and the truth, which now I will share.
You see, before they were replaced by the Christians as Peter and Paul, patron of sailors, the Spartan twins Dioskouroi, danced to the underground (Hades) and to the tune of war. They danced like no tomorrow and they moved their way through a millennium and more: to the lyre, to the harpsichord, to The Smiths and Ms Sandie Shaw. And on the night of JOHN, when the gemini constellation comes to the fore, the twinly gods multiply men on the dancefloor; dude, there's at least double the amount to score.


JOHN The Twin II

Video: Nik Dimopoulos / Johan Rashid / John Tsiavis
Johns: Timothy Harvey / Rennie McDougall
Music: Hand In Glove - The Smiths / Sandie Shaw

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