Documenting the Irish exodus due to the economic downturn, the film charts the adventures of a motor-cyclist who leaves Ireland for greener pastures abroad.


Cork, December 2010: With the absence of prospect at home, the people of Ireland evacuate the country at the speed of refugees in a war-torn country. The economic meltdown is the cause of the exodus while the Irish government’s surreal answer is to hand out free cheese.

With cheese on his mind, an Irish lawyer has his fill, and on the eve of the draconian budget and in the coldest of winters, quits his job, jumps on his motorbike and seeks a better life abroad.

A lone traveller, he has nobody to empathise with and so strikes up a dialogue with the voices in his head as he hurtles across Europe.

As a modern-day tongue-in-cheek take on Brian Friel’s 1964 play, “Philadelphia, Here I Come!”, the mockumentary nevertheless reflects the strange reality of the latest wave of Irish emigration.

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