This is a short film made by myself (Johann Chipol) and Malcolm Kennedy as part of a University Film Course. The project asked of us to explore Avant Garde and Experimental film techniques, examining how it was used to express the human psyche.

As it approaches its two year anniversary, I thought it was about time to upload the film onto the internet for all to see. While it may not be the best production or story, it really is a film I am proud of and had a great, fun time in filming it.

The film was inspired by a Shakespearean quote: 'Some cupids throw arrows, others lay traps.' 'ROOM' follows this theme closely as a couple becomes tormented by an unknown mystical figure, only to discover the real meaning from it.

Cast -
Tom Batten as Sean (Man)
Esther Lindsey as Wendy (Woman)
Alex Roy as Dante (Demon)
Robyn Searle as Coffee Shop Girl
Written, Produced and Directed by Johann Chipol and Malcolm Kennedy

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