DADAMACHINIMA explores tactics of emergent gameplay, disrupted modes of interactivity, and brute-force hacks of contemporary (video)game interfaces and environments.

In Aram Bartholl's project 'First Person Shooter' a now iconic screen-element, adapted from the videogame Counter-Strike, is transferred into physical space. Players can cut and glue parts from a do-it-yourself kit together and receive a pair of glasses bearing the protagonist's arm with the weapon.

JODI, or, are unanimously considered pioneers of new media art. Their work 'Composite Club' is a conceptual hack of the popular "Eyetoy" device involving Playstation's camera-based games being triggered by prerecorded video clips.

'Mary Mack 5000' by Kaho Abe & Lina Fenequito is a fast-paced, competitive, technologically enhanced rocker-twist on the classic schoolyard hand clapping game that challenges your rhythm, speed and timing.

In 'Video Terraform Dance Party' director Jeremy Bailey plays an enthusiastic nerd channeling Bob Ross as he dons a forehead-mounted VR controller to demonstrate new modeling software that will allow him to bop his head around and 'plan the ideal landscape.

Opening 7pm on Friday, February 4th. On view until Sunday, March 7th 2011. WORKS: FPS [first peron shooter] by Aram Bartholl | Mary Mack 5000C by Kaho Abe & Lina Fenequito |Composite Club by JODI | Levelhead by Julian Oliver | Video Terraform Dance Party by Jeremy Bailey

Opening Night Performances: Lovid, Radio Shock, Casperelectronics, DUBKNOWDUB, Dan Friel LoVid will also debut a performance of 'Catchy'

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