Created & Directed by Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts

Written & Produced by Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts

Original Music by Ryan Elder
Music Supervisor - Danny Jelinek
Shot & Edited by Mike Manasewitsch
Production Design by Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts

Sound Design by Brenan Campbell
Boom - Alex Sharp Cole & Mike Karnell
Animation - Matt Taylor
Animation Character Designs - Kali Fontecchio
Fx - Mike Stebbins
Additional FX - Mike Manasewitsch
1st AC - Craig Pentak

Googy - Willy Roberts
Dwayne - Kumail Nanjiani
Bad Boy / Captain Root Bear - Wade Randolph
Ducklips - Matt Danner
Weight Lifting Kid - Bennie Arthur
Bad Boy door man - Oren Chad Elias
Princess Madeline - Madeline Schichtel
Super Amazing Brad - Jim Klimek
Chip - Aaron Moles
Mustard - Pam Cash
Ketchup - Nora Mindell
Root Beer Driver - Ben Page
Root Beer Announcer - Eric Bauza
Animation VO - Eric Bauza
Obstacle Course Announcers - Mike Rose and Zack Conneen

Kids -
Nico Colaleo
Kali Fontecchio
Jack Cusumano
Vanessa Anne Grenier
Mike Stebbins
Laura Garcia
Jeremy LaPeer
David Geis
Erni Walker
Athena Nordvall
Zoe Nordvall
Andy Nordvall
Adolfo Alvarez
Alonso Alvarez
Jose Alvarez
Elijah Grissom
Alex Sharp Cole
Ashley Borlik
Brian J Quint

Mike McCafferty
Kiernan McCafferty
Chris Cantey
Jennifer Ruiz
Abbie Maley
Jeremy LaPeer
Rebecca Hoobler
Lauren Smitelli
Stephanie Ganot

Artistic contributions -
Erika marie paget
Sam berrini
Stephanie ganot
Lauren Smitelli
Jeremy LaPeer
Joe Edelson
Abbie Maley
Mike Stebbins

Special Thanks
Mike Karnell
David Lyons
Joe Manasewitsch
Mike Stebbins
Zach Zdziebko
Ben Pluimer
Sevan Najarian
Todd Bishop

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