This a compilation of all my current work from Bournemouth University.

Spy Tech Plant (6 weeks)
Did everything in this shot. The most challenging and fun part in this project is learning how to rig using the advantage of houdini’s procedural ability. I mange to rig every petal according to the way I want, and because of its procedural capability of Houdini, I was able to jump back on the nodes and make changes to the model anytime and the almost no problems were cause to the rig. And it even reflect on to my blendshapes which were driving side rotations of the plant. The shot was composited in Nuke.

Aquascape ( 11 weeks)
This is the 1st term project that I did where I converted a dry for wet scene. Model was according to real world object and simplified alittle bit. Rig, animated and composited this shot.

The Host - Group Project (7 weeks)
A group project that we did in term 2. I did a pitch of an idea with Christopher Hiess and manage to interest 2 other member where they work on the character design, model, texturing(Juan Correa) and Rigging(Dipti Gandhi). I worked on the editorial, character animation and compositing the project. I also gave overall direction for this project.

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