Every year growing up, the people of my hometown of Chatham, NJ would bring their discarded Christmas trees to the lumber lot outside of town to set them ablaze ritually. It was a picture of community, all the Hoos of Hooville circling round to watch the holiday effigy; a holocaust of burning dreams.

In 2008, (with Max Cohen) I went home to film the bonfire's last year. I've had the footage sitting on a shelf till this year - in launching the Mail Order for the Due Diligence's "I Will Wreck Your Life" LP, I realized that the album opener "Crucifixion" deals with a lot of the same questions as my experience of the yearly tree fire. So I combined this footage with some found portraiture.

"Crucifixion" can be found on the Due Diligence's "I Will Wreck Your Life"

Download it here for free: iwillwreckyourlife.com/track/crucifixion

To order "I Will Wreck Your Life" on vinyl,

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