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American Son
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American Son
By James Hyland

Wake up and it's only 3AM, and I can't smoke a cigarette
I can't have any light shinning in the night
Try and keep them crosshairs off my head

Head out on night patrol, through a bad little town
That I don't know
I'm kicking in doors, it's just today's chores
It's all routine to U.S. Marines

Another night of green glowing like I'd never seen
It was a 10-hour firefight, they hit my humvee
Blew out my knee, but I got scars that no eye could see

They got Tommy burning in a Bradley, so I called in an air strike
I turned the city blocks down to burning rocks
Now I wake up a lot thinking 'bout that fight

Now I'm all stretched thin just like an oilman never been
And I'm staying in 'til we win this war
It's close quarters, and I follow orders
It's my 3rd tour of this war

But you don't want me to write this policy
Or a General with 4 stars
Instead I'm sent by a man with 5 deferments
Riding 'round in a bulletproof car

Soldiers sent back home, they're trying the dying alone
Their memories are too diseased
The VA's telling lies, nothing new and no surprise
I feel bad for their poor families

Like orders in from Rome, a change gonna bring me home
I don't talk much about what I done
The hurting never ends, well I's just fighting for my friends
I'm a mean man with a gun
I'm a real American Son
And trust me sir, you don't want none.

American Son
Recorded by JT Holt and James Stevens at Nest Studios (Austin, TX) and East Austin Recording Studio (EAR) Feb-May 2010

James Hyland - vocals/acoustic finger picking
Stephen Doster - acoustic lead guitar/ distorted electric guitar
Kim Deschamps - pedal steel guitar
Willie Pipkin - lead electric guitar
Chip Dolan - grand piano
Chris Maresh - upright bass
Robb Kidd - drums
Rob Hooper - percussion

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