I was in London. A charming and lovely couple invited me and I had the most fascinating wedding party ever...ever! :) Thank You!

A Roland Mihalszky Film
-Your Love, Day & Film-


- Wow what an amazing video - I started blubbing at my desk! Truly a video to treasure forever

- That is the most amazing wedding video ever! It’s like a movie or a music video – beautifully shot and edited, and the music goes so well. Loved it!

- That video actually brought a tear to my eye! already sent it on to every person I know. It totally makes you look like rock stars! I can't describe how much I love it. Roland is going to be famous (amongst a very small group of friends in Toronto Ontario!)

- Def the best looking wedding video I’ve ever seen. So stylish!

- Jesus, how much have you paid for that! Looks awesome.

- That video is just amazing, I could watch it over and over....and I got a bit teary at the end with you and barb on the dancefloor and you were kissing and looking at each other.

- Just played the official video clip of your wedding - it's amazing, I am in pieces !!!

- The video captured the very essence of your wedding on film. I shed some tears, Wow he is so talented. Beautiful, unique, attractive, funky, nostalgic, quirky, lovable, light and great happiness are just some of the words that came to mind

- Oh my goodness gracious - I was weeping during that video - how beautiful and incredible!

- My goodness its rockstar stuff! 

Just had my earphones on, mesmerising stuff.

Cinematography: Roland Mihalszky
Editing: Roland Mihalszky
Photography: Nick Tucker

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