The Population Control Agenda:

Listen to Bill Gates say that Vaccines will be used to lower Population:

GM food lowers fertility:

Water Fluoridation causing infertility:

Pesticides causing infertility:

Vaccines causing infetility:

Plastics [BPA] linked to infertility:
Men -
Women -

Aspartame & Sperm Damage:

Soya (so-called "Health food") causing infertility:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation develop soya value chain in Africa (i wonder why?)

Video revealing modern Eugenics Quotes:

Video exposing the Overpopulation myth:

Video revealing the Chemical attack on Humanity:

Video on the GMO agenda:

Western infertility a major crisis:

Video of David Rockefeller - Overpopulation:

Are we really Overpopulated [Exposing the myth of overpopualtion]:

They want to kill you [video - insider speaks out]:

A few must read articles:

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