Leo Kaserer might as well be a human alien.

Living and working in Kingsand, a small fishing village in Cornwall, UK, but originating from Austria, he is far from home, in both distance and culture.

However, although this Austrian man, of stocky build, long hair, cool yellow glasses and worn woolen jumper, is technically a ‘foreigner’, you could not find a more Cornish-Austrian. Through a chance meeting with Malcolm Baker, the last traditional fisherman left in the joint villages of Kingsand and Cawsand, Leo began to learn about traditional fishing methods and embraced a new, simpler way of life that relies on community spirit, hard work and determination.

With a background in youth and social work he was always looking for ways he could enrich young peoples lives with the same experiences that had changed his so dramatically, and then he saw Two Sisters.

Two Sisters was a 100 year old fishing boat, in desperate need of restoration. Leo and Malcolm had an idea to involve 5 young people from all over Europe to restore Two Sisters. The boat would then be used by the community to teach children how to fish and row.

The 5 Europeans: Markus, Ville, Fabian, Harry and Peter came from challenging and diverse backgrounds, each with their own issues that have prevented them going in the right direction in their own lives.

Leo’s project built a team of friends, who a month ago were strangers, to complete a physical and demanding task.

This is a short 20 minute film that documents a small part of the process the group undertook while in Cornwall.

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