This Primer is geared towards Hackers, Pentesters, Admins,...
Part1 (INTRO):
In the Python part of video, we jump right into the code and cover your first Python TCP client and server and walk you through each of them, line by line.

The Scapy part of the video will show you basic packet analysis in Scapy with a few helpful "making yourself feel at home in Scapy" tips. You will also walk out of this part with a better understanding of SYN/ACK/FIN packets, and what TCP connections and disconnects look like "on the wire".
We also have a little surprise at the end.
The Source files (python 2.6) can be downloaded at:
Some key points we want to cover in the whole video series:
*) toolz often lie! code your own networking tools and get the correct feedback!
*) code your own networking environments
*) some network attacks
*) run your toolz on several machines and communicate with them
*) ...and other funny stuff ;)
Please tell us what you like and what you don't like!
If you have ideas on what should be covered in future videos, please let us know! (ON SECURITYTUBE.NET)

We strongly dis-advise from doing anything malicious! We just want to provide some knowledge for security tests and show developers how to code proper software.

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