digital videos, 11’19’’, Glasgow 2002 / 2011

'No Loitering' consists of two videos projected side by side.
The same person goes on the same walk, nine years apart.
The title is taken from the urban landscape that the films traverse - from the ubiquitous "no ball games", "no cycling", "no loitering", signs found in halls and open spaces around housing blocks.
The videos transcribe a solitary, obsessional wandering through Glasgow and its no man’s lands.
These identical walks taken nearly a decade apart, bear witness to the changes of the city - some abrupt and radical, other subtle, almost hidden.
Voids become solids. Solids become voids.
The life of the protagonist has also changed, in small ways and more significant ways.
Life and the city accompany one another in their evolution.
'No Loitering' is accompanied by 'You Can Go', a glimpse of the shooting.

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