Casa de Pandora is a Geolocation Application developed for a real cat.

Using Arduino technology and several customized sensors, Casa de Pandora allows a better communication between a cat and its owner.

Pandora, an ordinary cat from São Paulo, Brazil, is the first pet to use this technology. As she moves around the apartment, strategically located sensors send informations online to her owner, and he can know exactly where she is, while he is gone.

Besides that, a fancy interface with infographics will also show how often she is eating, drinking, using her sandbox and how is the weather around the apartment.

The program will also emit an alert to remind her owner to buy more food when it is about to finish. But that is not all, using A.L.I.C.E. technology, Pandora herself can tweet to the world. Phrases related to her action and location can be randomically selected from a database and posted on Twitter, making this owner-pet interation even more entertaining.

Casa de Pandora was made by Pedro Galvão using Flash Actionscript3

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