Retrograde is a short video essay that takes regret, an unfortunately familiar feeling and concept, and explores what it could mean in an environmental context. It re-imagines a world where water, something many of us take for granted, is scarce and almost alien to us. The video reminds us of water's primal role in our everyday lives and calls us to do something today, before we are swept away by the flood of regret of the future.

A film by Sarie Cruz and Liana Barcia
Shot and Edited by Sarie Cruz
Written and Read by Liana Barcia
Music: Lullaby by _ghost (­t/)
CC BY-NC 3.0 (­nc/3.0/)

Official entry for Asia Development Bank's My View H20 Video Contest
Category: Open (21 & Over) from ADB Developing Member Countries

This video made it to the competition shortlist.

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