When bullied Molly Flowers declares a dislike for boys, her boozy and self-medicated mother invents a story to shock her into a more sympathetic view…the tale of how Molly was born a boy called Bradford Dillman but had her willy chopped off – then takes on a life of its own.

Film Review - wearemoviegeeks.com/2012/03/being-bradford-dillman-2011-the-short-review/

Interview with Writers - interviewmagazine.com/film/being-bradford-dillman/

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Credits / URLs:
Produced, Directed & Co Written by Emma Burch - flavors.me/littlemburch
Illustrated and Co-Written by PETE WILLIAMSON - petewilliamson.co.uk
Executive Producer GLENN HOLBERTON - loosemoose.net
Director of Photography PETER ELLMORE - peterellmore.co.uk/
Compositors: BRUCE HANCOCK - seizmic.co.uk/
JENNY LEWIS - jennylewis-animation.blogspot.com/
STEWART DALTON - stewartdalton.com/
DAVE LOH - vimeo.com/davidloh
Sound Design STREET FURNITURE - streetfurniture.tv/
PR company SPACE OF MIND - spaceofmind.co.uk
Dupes & Tapes for Festival screenings - pinkpigeon.net/ & tcsoho.tv/
Other supporters - SILENT DISCO UK - silentdiscouk.com/
THE SOHO SALON - thesohosalon.com

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