Written, Produced & Directed by Arthur Cauty

© De Cauze Films decauzefilms.co.uk

Body Harvest is a shockingly controversial documentary short from award nominated Director Arthur Cauty, which explores our attitudes towards animals, and the hypocrisy latent in our food industry.

On one hand we adore and nurture our cats and dogs as pets, but on the other hand, we adore gorging ourselves on burgers and roast chicken dinners.

Body Harvest takes an open minded stance on the topic of meat production, exploring contrasting opinions across occupation, nationality, race and culture. Prepare yourself for a shocking, thought provoking, satirical and darkly comic exploration of todays farming landscape.

"We all have the ability to show compassion, but for some reason, when we eat meat, we disconnect our compassion for the animal, with our desire to be satiated with a nice steak." - Alan Macmillan Orr, Author of "The Natural Mind: Waking Up"

Featuring music from Head of Programmes

Body Harvest premiered at the Exeter Phoenix on April 2nd 2011.

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