Benedetta Mazzotti dances her own choreography for "Sotto la Radice" in a Umbra Solis project called Catabasi (the voyage into the underworld).

The footage comes from the actual performances in Amsterdam Melkweg theater, and from the character forming and movement research sessions done together with Benedetta in the previous months.

For more information on the performance, give a look to the page on our website
The final title piece is a hint to another finale for the travel. I have added it to wish that to every trip as such, no matter why you find yourself in need to pass through the underworld, you will get to a happy exit to the other side. In the honey dripping sunset of our real life.

Dances Benedetta Mazzotti as Proserpina.
Choreography by Benedetta
Direction Federico Bonelli
Music for the solo Marco Paoletti
End Music: Enric Satie, Gnosienne, Performed by Aldo Ciccolini, from a old 33rpm record
Video shoot by Federico Bonelli, Francesco Cavaliere and Victor Nieuwenhuis

TRIVIA: This version of the clip came out by chance exactly 6'22" seconds and 11 frames, the exact measure of maximum length that i magically computed for Cinema Solubile in 2004.

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