Bronx Community College Graduation on Friday, June 3rd 2011. President of The Bronx Community College Student Government Association, Dwight Peters, delivers the "Its not about you" speech.

Transcript Below:

"To our friends and family members –

You have watched us on our path over the past several years

You have leant us an ear to hear our frustration

You have given us motivation

Even finances when possible,

We thank you, but I have been given the great honor to inform you that


Is not about


To our elected officials and board of trustee members

You have taken time

Out of your busy schedule

To join us for this festive event

We thank you, but I have been given the great honor to inform you that


Is not about


To our faculty, staff and administration

You have created an environment that stimulates intellectual growth

You have shown us the finish line,

But refused to carry us to it

We thank you, but I have been given the great honor to inform you that


Is not about


To Dr. Williams,

You have served this community for 15 years.

Your great deeds will be remembered and

The seeds you have planted here will continue to blossom

We all thank you, but even though you are extremely beautiful today.

I must humbly inform you that today is not about you.

To my fellow graduates

We did it! We did it…

We have realized that we too

Can change the world at large

But even more closer, the individual worlds we live in.

Exactly one year and one week ago

A handful of students, including myself and faculty members

Decided to hold a quiet protest at the commencement service

Held here.

As former Governor Patterson approached the podium

To give his keynote address

We stood quietly and turned our backs on him

To signify that we felt society at large

Had turned their backs on us.

A lady beside me chuckled and said you guys cant change the world

In my mind I said what does she know?

I doubt that she knew today, a year later

I would be standing in front of you as

The President of the Student Government Association

On October 7th,


Decided to boycott the College Senate

In a display of solidarity

With the millions of students fighting tuition hikes

And dangerous budget cuts

As we stormed out

Of Meister Hall

An administrator was recalled saying

Who do those kids think they are? They think they’re going to change the world

That was the best compliment we have ever received

Today June 3rd,

The books of history shall record it

As the first day of the rest of our lives

The journey is far from over but

We are one step closer to securing a better life

For ourselves, for our families, for our communities

Change the world,

But what do you do

When the older generation

Doesn’t get it?

We strive to give the future generations

Something to strive for,

Something to reach for.

In my favorite book, the Alchemist

The narrator says, “When you really want something, the universe will conspire

For you to achieve it”

We wanted this, so we achieved it

I dare you to want more.

Love you mommy :)"

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