A 35-minute comedic take on The Da Vinci Code, THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE was featured on The Must List ("Ten Things We Love This Week") in Entertainment Weekly, which said "The Da Vinci Code gets cracked (and smacked upside the head) in this whimsical, Web-based parody." The Library of Congress selected THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE for inclusion in its Film Collection of works by American filmmakers chosen on the basis of their historical, cultural or aesthetic significance.

In THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE, the curator of the Norman Rockwell Museum is murdered and the police call in Professor of Symbology Langford Fife -- the son of high-strung Mayberry Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife -- from the local community college to solve the crime. With the help of the curator's granddaughter, Sopha Poisson, a cryptologist with the Quebec Secret Service, and an Ovaltine Secret Decoder Ring, Langford sets out to uncover the clues hidden in the paintings of Norman Rockwell -- clues that will lead them to a secret society, a legendary bloodline and a battle with sinister forces.

Written and Directed by Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Produced by Alfred Thomas Catalfo and Marc A. Dole
Starring Mike Walsh, Danica Carlson, Fritz Wetherbee, Gregory Athans, Tom Seiler and Ralph Napolitano

Writer/Director's Website: catalfo.com

Budget: $2000

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